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Night & Day Cafe

A bit of History

The Cafe opened on Orange Ave, Coronado, California in 1927. It opened as the D and D Cafe, located about two doors down.

In 1954, Paul Zeller bought the Cafe, moved it to its current location 847 Orange Ave. and renamed it The Night and Day Cafe. He operated, cooked and managed the cafe, serving up hearty breakfasts, burgers and comfort food. It was a lively cafe, serving the locals.

The cafe went through a few more owners, through the years, each one adding their own touches to the decor and menu selections but keeping it a traditional American Diner.

In 1996, Mario Esquer took over the cafe, after working for more than 20 years, managing for Miguel's and later the Brigantine Corporation. With the help of his older brother, Hector Esquer, Mario kept the cafe open 24/7, the cafe retained the original decor, the counter service, with the low stools and the 100-year-old flat top grill, along with the 125-year-old iron hood that was salvaged from an old ship.

Mario kept the menu the same, breakfast all day, homemade hash browns, large omelettes, with names like the "Porker" (ham, bacon, sausage, cheese and veggies), the "Garbage" (consisting of everything but the kitchen sink). We named the cafe's most popular burrito, Mario's Surf and Turf after him. The cafe remained a favorite with the military and the bar scene, keeping it open 24/7.

Tragcally, Mario passed away in 1999, leaving Hector to run the cafe, with the help of managers, as he had a full-time job outside the cafe. In 2012, Sigi, a former partner, remodeled the cafe and added Mexican food. The cafe is no longer 24/7 but retains late night hours. Friday and Saturday we are open till 4am. In the summer months, we are 24 hours on Friday and Saturdays.

The Esquer family has owned and run the cafe, since 1996.